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Welcome to DIRinse! We are the founders and inventor of the DI Rinse pro 100 spot free rinse units and the Di Rinse pro 50 spot free units. All flow charts were also founded by DI Rinse. If you come across anyone claiming to be affiliated with us, these are false claims.

Deionized Water Replacement Resin & Systems for Cars, Boats, RVs and More!

Increased DI Performance & Lower Costs

Replacement DI Resin for any Spot-Free System

If you have a spot-free rinse water system of any kind, you can use our D.I. Resin. $235 per cubic foot with Free Shipping. New Virgin Mixed Bed D.I. Resin that has never been used or regenerated. 

Never use a regenerated D.I. Resin if you want to get a good yield in gallons of D.I. water per cubic foot. When the resin is regenerated, it only comes back to 85% of what it was when it was new. You might think you are getting a good deal, but you are not. 

You will not sacrifice any performance with our D.I. Resin. In most cases, you will get more D.I. water per cubic foot with better results because our resin is specifically designed for spot-free water.

Note: There are many different types of D.I. resin. They all may improve the water quality for a while, but will not deliver the yield in gallons of spot-free water that our D.I. Resin will. 

Our D.I. Resin will work with any type of system. Order Now! $235.00 per cubic foot with free shipping. 

Spot-Free Water Systems that use a refillable cartridge

Here are the facts...

If you are using a spot-free system that has a refillable cartridge, you are wasting almost half of your resin and more than half of your money. When you use a refillable cartridge, it relies on the rigidity of the casing to maintain a proper seal on top of the cartridge to prevent internal leakage.

D.I. Rinse Water System | Spot-Free Rinse | Deionized Water SystemThis problem occurs because the cartridge is thin plastic and was designed for carbon, not D.I. Resin. With carbon, the cartridge will stay rigid, because carbon does not shrink with use. This is not the case with resin. When D.I. Resin is used, it shrinks in size by as much as 20%. This causes the cartridge to become flimsy and allows raw water to bypass the cartridge at the top seal and will leave spots. (See Diagram)

When you change your D.I Resin, you'll notice that the cartridge is not as full as it was when you started. You will also see that half of the resin is the same color as it was when you first filled the cartridge. When the internal leaking starts, you will only use half of your resin and waste half of your money.

D.I. Resin is not made to be used in up-flow design cartridges. When used in an up-flow design like a cartridge, you will get separation of the two types of your mixed bed D.I. resin, cation and anion. These two different types need to be as close to each other as possible to get the proper contact time for true D.I. water. Up-flow design systems will give you bad water resulting in spots. 


The Solution to the Problem

The D.I. Rinse Down-Tube Conversion Kit.

Convert your existing spot-free system with our down-tube conversion kit and get 40% plus more gallons of D.I. spot-free water. Our down-tube makes the water flow down through your D.I. Resin and then up the tube through tiny laser slots in the bottom of the down-tube.

This is the proper way to flow water through D.I. Resin and it is the industry standard! When the water flows down through the D.I. Resin, shrinkage is not a issue. As the resin is used, it continues to stay compacted, not allowing the cation and anion resins to separate. Our down-flow system uses all the D.I. Resin with no waste, produces more yield in gallons of D.I. water and saves you money.

First, throw away your refillable cartridge, you will not need it anymore. Second, pour your D.I. Resin into the housing without the cartridge. Fill it to about 2" from the top. Third, slide one of the down-tubes into the resin. Fourth, pick up the housing with the D.I. Resin, position it under the head of your spot-free system and insert the down-tube into the head. Screw the housing into the head and you are ready to go!

The D.I. Rinse Difference

What is deionized water?

It is water that has almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anions such as chloride and sulfate.  Removing these ions allows the D.I. Rinse Pro Water System to give you a perfect, spot-free rinse every time.

Why don’t competitor cartridge systems work?

When a regular cartridge is used, it does not use all the space in the filter housing. The cartridge must have the resin very compacted to maintain the seal on the top of the cartridge and this restricts flow.  When the resin starts to be used, it shrinks in size. This allows for the seal on the top of the cartridge to allow raw, untreated water to by-pass the cartridge. When you change the resin in your spent cartridge, it shrinks in size. This shrinkage can cause the seal on the cartridge to not work properly. The resin cartridge can become misaligned allowing untreated water to by-pass and not deionize properly. This causes you to change your resin too soon and waste money.

Learn why the D.I. Rinse Pro System provides a superior, spot-free rinse!

The D.I. Rinse Pro Water System utilizes a down tube, separating it from all of its competitors. This down tube forces the untreated water to go down through the deionizing resin and then up the center riser.  Our D.I. Rinse Pro 50 will flow at 5 gallons per minute and our state of the art engineering design ensures that you will get a spot-free rinse every single time!

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