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The D.I. Rinse Difference

What is deionized water?

It is water that has almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as cations like sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anions such as chloride and sulfate.  Removing these ions allows the D.I. Rinse Pro Water System to give you a perfect, spot-free rinse every time.

Why don’t competitor cartridge systems work?

When a regular cartridge is used, it does not use all the space in the filter housing. The cartridge must have the resin very compacted to maintain the seal on the top of the cartridge and this restricts flow.  When the resin starts to be used, it shrinks in size. This allows for the seal on the top of the cartridge to allow raw, untreated water to by-pass the cartridge. When you change the resin in your spent cartridge, it shrinks in size. This shrinkage can cause the seal on the cartridge to not work properly. The resin cartridge can become misaligned allowing untreated water to by-pass and not deionize properly. This causes you to change your resin too soon and waste money.

Learn why the D.I. Rinse Pro System provides a superior, spot-free rinse!

The D.I. Rinse Pro Water System utilizes a down tube, separating it from all of its competitors. This down tube forces the untreated water to go down through the deionizing resin and then up the center riser.  Our D.I. Rinse Pro 50 will flow at 5 gallons per minute and our state of the art engineering design ensures that you will get a spot-free rinse every single time!

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